Mina Första Mästerverk (MY FIRST MASTERPIECES)

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For the first time ever there is a worthy place to keep your child’s drawings. The black paper frames highlights each drawing and gives it the attention it deserves. Next to each work of art there is dedicated space to write down critical information about the pieces, such as date, where it was made and the artists own comments.


SIZE: Fits paper size A4


EXTRA ADD-ON: On the last page of the book there is a built in pocket for the works that would not fit or that was simply subpar

AVAILABLE IN: Swedish, Norwegian

As part of our mission to add style to the first years on earth we also design and produce books. The titles currently in our collection all make perfect gifts for newborns, baby showers and birthdays. The exclusive materials combined with a remarkable attention to details further establishes these books reputation as truly unique.


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