If special occasions had its own universe then guess what, you just found it! The Tiny Universe is a Swedish design house founded in 2010. Ever since the beginning our vision has been to really celebrate the first years on earth. Our soft garments, books and accessories are designed for any occasion when you want that little extra something, whether you’re going to a baby shower, a birthday party, a wedding, or just a night on the town, we have what you need. Both the perfect gifts and the outfits to go with them.

To summarize we’re all about special occasions, and we believe that they are worth celebrating in style. So hopefully our creative designs will make those first years a bit more festive, both for parents and little ones. Rest assured that the TINY saga continues, and we’re thrilled that you’re coming with us for the ride!



With a humble beginning in Stockholm Sweden, a city at the edge of the arctic circle, The Tiny Universe has spread across the globe and can now be found in 20 countries. The uniqueness of the products as well as the clear vision of the founders has made the company truly international. Today its products can be found in places such as Australia, Hong Kong, USA, Japan, Holland and South Korea, to name a few.



Ever since it was first launch The Tiny Universe has been recurring in many of the worlds leading magazines as well as in online media. The company  has been selected for Young Designers at The Formex fair and two of the companys books have been nominated to ”Product of the year” by Swedish top Design store chain - Designtorget. Last year the company was also nominated as one of 5 top design brands in Sweden by lifestyle magazine Family Living. Recently one of the world’s top influencers Kylie Jenner posed together with her daughter wearing a dress from The Tiny Universe.



The idea for The Tiny Universe came about when founders Maria Nilsson and Johan Halldelius, then a creative team at a Swedish advertising agency, were trying to find a gift for a baptism. They wanted something different, preferably with a touch of humor, but they soon came up short. Their solution was to quit their current jobs, risk everything and start their own company. Thus, in 2010, The Tiny Universe was born.