Our vision is to create iconic pieces that are just appreciated in Sweden as they are in Japan (for example). Just take our tiny Tuxedos, truly classic pieces but done with that special TTU touch. Another core belief is that our garments should last through time and be of such high quality that they will last through generations, handed down from sister to sister and brother to brother. That is our design vision and every day we try our best to make it just so.

By putting quality, design and innovation first we strive to create products that will last and live on through generations. In short - we belive that comfort and style will make those first years a bit smoother, both for parents and little ones. Our clothes are made to be worn so we always choose materials that feels soft on the skin and that breathe. We work hard to create products that will live a long life and we choose materials that are proven to serve their purpose. We’ve spent many years considering and refining the materials we work with and are constantly looking to find better and more environment friendly materials. The Tiny Universe stays true to its Nordic roots - stylish, sleek and always unique.

Another one of our core beliefs is durability, a fancy word perhaps, but for us it means that our products should last for generations, both it terms of quality and their timeless design.

The Tiny Universe is positioned as a premium brand, offering products stretching from mid-premium to high-end pricing. Two times per year The Tiny Universe seasonal collections are released, one for Autumn/Winter and one for Spring/ Summer. Also please feel free to follow us on IG (@thetinyuniverse) and FB where you’ll always get the latest news.